Bas Smit

Freelance Unity developer with 10+ years of experience. Specialized in DOTS and ECS for desktop, console, mobile and VR projects.

As an example of my work check out DotsNav, a fully dynamic navmesh built using DOTS.

My work

Over the past 10+ years I have worked for clients such as Unity, Funcom, PUBG, Future Games of London, Nordeus and Free Lives, as well as self-published two VR games. I have been part of R&D teams, developed and maintained highly successful mobile games, and worked on turn-based and real-time multiplayer games. My main focus is DOTS and ECS, Unity’s suite of high performance technologies, having developed three prototypes and released DotsNav, a fully dynamic navmesh Unity plugin. To discuss freelance positions please contact me HERE.

Become a Patreon subscriber and also me to fund new Dotsnav project!

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DotsNav is a fully dynamic navmesh Unity plugin, built on DOTS. Easy to use in GameObject and Entity based projects, fast enough to add and remove many obstacles each frame, and supports path queries of any radius by design. Get the beta on Patreon, perks include github access and votes on the roadmap, or learn more by clicking the button below.

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